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Our Easy-to-Understand Guide to Medicare

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Choosing a Medicare plan shouldn’t be difficult. As part of our commitment to helping you live your best life, we created the Growing Bolder Guide to Medicare to help you clearly understand your Medicare options and choose the best plan for you.

Download Our Guide to Medicare

Growing Bolder is not just a state of mind, it's a way of life.

It's a movement designed to improve your health and wellbeing and to help you live your best life and it's a community of support that provides engaging, inspirational, and educational resources available exclusively through the Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plan.

Barefoot Water Ski Champion

Zenon Bilas, seven-time national champion, is now 50 years old but tells Growing Bolder, “I have no age."

Story of Strength: Ed H
Benoits Big Dream
The Extraordinary Life of Ms. Vi

At the age of 76, Ms. Vi achieved something she dreamed about for years—she's a college graduate.

Oldest Female Motorcyclist Keeps On Riding
Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins Record-Setting Run

Who can get Medicare and how do you enroll?

You must meet one of the following requirements to be eligible for Medicare:

  • You are age 65 or older, a U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident and have lived in the U.S. continuously for five years prior to applying. 
  • You are younger than 65 with a qualifying disability.
  • You are any age with a diagnosis of end-stage renal disease or ALS and are receiving Social Security disability benefits.

If you are eligible for enrollment and would like to learn more about what medicare plans there are and what they have to offer, then download the Growing Bolder Guide to Medicare and learn about all the great things that come after enrollment!

Download Our Free Guide

You Get More with Florida Blue Medicare

Take advantage of the benefit and extras that Florida Blue Medicare plans offer like:

Healthy Blue Rewards

Earn gift cards for activities that keep you healthy. 
Learn More

Transportation Services

Rides to your doctor, hospital, or pharmacy.


Free vision exams and an allowance for eyewear.

Over-the-Counter Items

Allowance for the purchase of nonprescription items.

FL Blue Retail Centers

Get in-person guidance and personalized service in your area.

Routine Dental

Exams and cleaning at no cost.  Additional coverage is available.

Hearing Aids

Free exams and coverage toward the purchase of hearing aids.


Gym membership & classes available at 14,000+ locations across the country

"Growing Bolder is choosing to age in a different way by how you think and how you behave. I love their message."

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"To me, Growing Bolder means taking chances, stretching your limits & not making excuses for living life to the fullest."

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“Growing Bolder means to me doing all the things that I always wanted to do and being able to do them now.”

  • Suzanne H.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get dental and vision coverage with Medicare?

    Original Medicare includes limited dental and vision coverage. Medicare Advantage plans from private companies like Florida Blue, often include dental and vision benefits beyond those provided by Original Medicare.

  • How do I know if I'll be able to see my same doctor when I'm on Medicare?

    Talk to your doctor to see if they accept Medicare patients. Or call one of Florida Blue Medicare's agents who can help you see if your doctors are in the Florida Blue Medicare plans' networks.

  • What happens if my doctor leaves my Medicare Advantage plan’s network?

    It's best to check with your doctor before any appointment to make sure they are still in the Medicare Advantage plan network. If they are not in the plan, you might have to change to an in-network doctor or pay out-of-pocket for services or pay higher cost-sharing than if you received care from a network provider.

  • I can’t afford to pay for Medicare – not even the Part B premium. Where can I get help?

    Medicare has an Extra Help program to help people with limited income and resources pay Medicare prescription drug plan costs, such as premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance. Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) are federally funded programs administered by each individual state. These programs are for people with limited income and resources and help pay some or all of their Original Medicare premiums, deductibles, copays and coinsurance

  • What happens if I don't sign up for Parts B & D when I become eligible?

    If you do not enroll in Medicare Part B and/or Part D when you are first eligible to enroll, you may have to pay a Part B and/or Part D late enrollment penalty if you later decide to sign up for them. Visit to find out more about these penalties, including situations in which you can wait to enroll in Part B and/ or Part D and not have to pay a late enrollment penalty.

  • What if I am working past 65?

    Talk to your employer's human resources department before you enroll in Medicare. If your employer doesn't require you to sign up for Medicare right away to keep your employer-sponsored coverage, you may not need to do anything until you retire or lose your coverage.

  • Can I keep the same Medicare Advantage plan if I move?

    You can keep your Medicare Advantage plan if you remain within the plan's service area. If you move outside the service area you will qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to choose a new plan.

  • How much does a Medicare Advantage plan cost?

    You can estimate your monthly premiums for each Florida Blue Medicare plan in the online shopping tool at You can also speak with a Medicare agent.

  • What if I need a drug that isn’t on the formulary or costs too much?

    Generally, drugs not on the formulary are not covered. Ask your doctor if there is a drug available that is on your plan's formulary, but if there are no covered drugs available, you may have to pay full price instead of a copayment or coinsurance, unless you qualify for a formulary exception. Check with your plan to request a formulary exception. If your doctor believes your health requires a certain drug and there are no lower-cost alternatives available, they can ask for a tiering exception, which is another type of formulary exception. If you get a tiering exception, you will pay the cost-sharing that applies in a lower tier.

  • What if I travel outside of the state?

    All Medicare Advantage plans are required to cover emergency care within the United States and U.S. Territories. Your cost-sharing will be the same as if you had used a network provider in your plan's service area. Some plans include comprehensive coverage. Check with your plan to see if you do.

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